5 Low-Cost Ways Of Rewarding Your Employees

5 Low-Cost Ways Of Rewarding Your Employees

November 15, 2022 Off By carolina

If you want good behavior to continue, provide rewards. People respond well to incentives. These do not need to be grand to have a positive effect. Businesses often use low-cost items to encourage employees to do better. Find things that are appealing to the recipients. Look around to see what’s trendy. Search for classics that never grow old. In this article, we discuss five options for this project:

1. Fruit Basket

Have a fruit basket delivered to the office, and hand it over to your best employee. You can also send it directly to their home in case they work remotely. Let the person know how much they matter to the company. Make them feel seen and appreciated for their efforts. Of course, you could choose other types of food. You may even send drinks. However, few things enjoy the universal appeal of fruits. These are healthy and delicious. The baskets also have several kinds, increasing the odds of a winning arrangement. Employees can also share them with others.

2. Fun Perks

You can also dangle fun perks to motivate your employees. Observe how they spend their time and what they talk about most. Perhaps you can give out free tickets to an upcoming event like a sports game or a music festival. You could also offer VIP cards to nearby cafes or restaurants. Some might appreciate gift certificates to trendy shops. If you are not sure what to give your staff, consult them. They might provide a few golden ideas that fit your budget. Their inputs could also open your eyes regarding what they value.

3. Elite Signaling

The best performers may get a coveted status symbol. A rare and exclusive item from the boss will make them feel great about their role in the business. It could be a premium tie, shirt, watch, mug, or anything else that they can proudly display. It may be a special access card that lets them wander around the best places in an office complex and enjoy nice treats. This kind of gift has the added benefit of making other employees see reward every day. They may begin to aspire to reach the same level, driving them to work harder as well.

4. Weekly Commendation

A simple way to reward employees is to give weekly or monthly commendations. Make the criteria known to everyone for transparency. Buy a large board to display the faces and names of the top performers during the specified period. Include their statistics to let everyone see how well they did. It gives these people the recognition they deserve. It also lets others know what is possible if they apply themselves to their tasks. Now they know who to go to for advice if they wish to improve.

5. Quarterly Awards

Every quarter, you may want to bump up the perks given to the best employees. You can also hold recognition events every six months or every year. Make it a fun time by giving free food and playing games. You could give out plaques of appreciation or small trophies to acknowledge the amazing feats. These do not cost much but they could mean the world to the recipients. Perhaps you can pair these with a bouquet of flowers or a nice jacket, whichever is suitable for the occasion and the business.


As you can see, you have a lot of options when it comes to employee rewards. They will surely appreciate words of encouragement, but it doesn’t hurt to give out tangible items. Go with a classic fruit basket or use a trendy product to get their attention. Over time, you will get a feel for what works and what doesn’t in different situations.