Bluelight Glasses

Bluelight (also known as B-lite) is a popular style of eyewear that has been around for many years. The name comes from the fact that the glasses contain small metal tinted lens elements. The tint helps reduce glare and focus so that you see better in the dark. Unlike monochromatic sunglasses that only filter light and do nothing to filter color, the blue light glasses feature a dual color filter so that light and color can be dealt with easily.

Because the filters in the bluelight glasses work to both filter color and filter glare, they work especially well at night. The tint in the eyeglasses can even help to block out more of the glare that you are not normally subjected to and so give you a better night’s rest and may even decrease eye fatigue. The second benefit that the filter provides is an increased level of comfort. Since there are not as much filter distortion and only a small amount of light that goes through, you will find that wearing your eyeglasses is more comfortable than when using sunglasses.

The biggest disadvantage to using the bluelight glasses lies in the fact that they do not block out large amounts of light as the sunglasses would block. In addition, they can create some eye strain because they are not as narrow as your normal sunglasses. In addition, the smaller size of the light filters may make them difficult to handle when trying to read small text or navigate computer screens.

Unlike monochromatic light glasses which allow all colors to pass through, the bluelight glasses filter light in two distinct ways. The first way they filter is by the shape of the lens. These glasses have larger, shaped filters which allow light to pass through. The other way this filter is used is by allowing some of the color to pass through.

Some people have also stated that blue light is more uncomfortable than anti-glare glasses. Many people claim to feel a strong urge to wash their eyes immediately after wearing the blue light glasses. Also, many people have commented that while the lenses are smaller, the anti-glare glasses are easier to wear. While it may take a few days for the anti-glare glasses to completely darken your eyes out, most people report that their eyes feel like they are wearing contacts for several weeks after they have first begun wearing the blue light glasses.

Bluelight has received mixed reviews from both consumers and physicians. Some people have mentioned that they experience some discomfort from having to wear the special type of lenses. However, many other patients praise the way that the glasses work and the convenience of not having to buy and use traditional prescription computer glasses.