Creating The Perfect Picnic Fruit Hamper

Creating The Perfect Picnic Fruit Hamper

February 10, 2022 Off By carolina

Make the most of fine weather by spending the day outside. Take precautions as needed and live life to the fullest. Some people like to take a leisurely stroll while others prefer a challenging workout. Many love the idea of a picnic at the park. Take your friends and family with you to make it more fun. Just make sure that you prepare great food for the small feast. There is no need to cook elaborate meals for this kind of activity. In fact, you could use fruits as the central theme for health and wellness. In this article, we discuss a few tips for creating the perfect picnic fruit hampers.


The Basket

It all starts with the container. Look for something that is big enough to accommodate all the food that you are going to bring. Count the number of people who are coming so that you can estimate the volume that you need. For a solo or intimate picnic, a small container should suffice. For a large group, you may need to use one big basket or several small ones to fit everything in. Think about how you want to organize everything inside. Consider bringing a wide picnic mat if you will spread everything on the ground.


A wicker basket is traditionally used for picnics. These are durable enough to handle heavy loads. Some have a circular shape with an open top and a tall handle. Others are rectangular with handles on the side and a lid at the top to secure the contents. The walls offer protection from minor impact. People can also use more modern picnic baskets with reinforced cloth, foam, zippers, and nylon straps. These have more pockets to store small items and other practical benefits. However, they may not be as aesthetically pleasing.


The Fruits

When it comes to fruit selection, it all boils down to the local harvest and the seasonal delights. Every region has their own so you will have to find out what’s currently available by going to the farmers market in your area. If you know your companions well, then you will be able to pick the fruits they love without problems. You can also ask them for specific preferences to guide you in your shopping. Make sure to go to the markets early so that you can pick the best on the piles. Otherwise, you might have no choice but to get whatever was left by other shoppers.


If you don’t have the time to go around and buy these items, then consider purchasing fruit hampers online through specialty shops. These companies are well-connected to the local farms so they have access to the freshest and best-tasting fruits. Think about how you would like your hamper to look like. You will surely find one that closely resembles or exceeds this. Get the fruits right away in their peak form every time. Gourmet hampers come in high quality baskets so save these for your next picnics.


The Extras


Many would be content with fruits for their picnic if there is a wide variety to feast on. Some are sweet while others are sour. Each type has its own unique flavor. However, a few of your companions may crave for more snacks and it is best to indulge their requests. Bring a few extras to expand the buffet and make the gathering more enjoyable. Consider adding savory items such as smoked salmon, cheese, and salami. These are sure to be more filling with their high protein content.


Others may opt for items one would usually have as afternoon snacks. These include cookies, sponge cakes, scones, cupcakes, and other sweet treats. It doesn’t hurt to give in to cravings from time to time. Additional options include pitted olives, crackers, shortbread, chocolate bars, pickles, veggie crisps, toasts, nuts, jams, and dipping sauces. Go ahead and look for fruit hampers online to get more ideas. You might even like these so much that you’ll get them instead of making your own picnic hamper.


The Drinks

Plain old water is fine, particularly if you have health conditions that increase your sensitivity to other drinks. However, others might want to have something more special since group picnics don’t happen that often. Perhaps the adults would rather have tea while the kids prefer chocolate drinks. If someone in the group has reached a milestone such as a birthday, a work promotion, or an academic achievement, then perhaps wine or champagne won’t be too much for the occasion.


Picnics let people bond over good food while basking in the sun and enjoying the greenery. There is no need to dress up or do anything fancy. As for the feast, nothing could be more basic than fruits, yet they make great snacks with their symphony of flavors. Get these from your local markets or let online shops deliver fruit hampers straight to your door. The latter is more convenient, and you are always in for a wonderful surprise. Pick any of the themed picnic baskets on offer and discover new things with every purchase — all while supporting local farmers and other small businesses.