What You Need To Know About Buying, Wearing, And Storing Perfume

What You Need To Know About Buying, Wearing, And Storing Perfume

April 25, 2022 Off By carolina

Everybody wants to make a great impression when they meet new people. Wearing a great perfume can boost your confidence and help you create a great impression when you’re in a public place. While bathing daily can help to eliminate natural body odor, it is not enough not to smell bad; you should smell great all the time. Scented bathing soaps, shampoos and washing detergents can give you a pleasant smell, but the smell will vanish as soon as you walk out the door. That is why ladies need to wear perfumes. Men need colognes for the same purpose. Scent Split has the widest range of perfumes available on the market. Keep reading to learn how to select, wear and store perfumes.


How to Choose a Perfume

If you are tired of the perfume you’re currently wearing and want something new, the following tips will help you pick the right perfume for your style and personality:


Tip 1: Sampling is Everything


You cannot just read the label on a perfume and decide that it’s the perfect perfume for you. Ideally, you should do some sampling. Spray the perfume on your arms and smell it. If you like the scent of the perfume, you can add it to your shortlist. Please note that your wrist may not be the best place to spray the perfume as metal jewelry can alter the scent of the perfume. Make sure you spray the perfume on your arm. Since your sense of smelling may be overwhelmed, make sure you clear your nose by smelling your skin, shirt or something else. Be sure to also wait a few seconds before trying out another perfume.


Tip 2: Use Blotting Paper


Once you’ve created a list of perfumes with pleasant smells, the next thing you’d like to know is how long the scent will last. The best perfumes can last more than 8 hours. Spray the perfume on blotting paper and give it time to dry. Once the blotting paper is dry, smell the blotting paper. The ideal perfume should still have a scent that can envelope you after hours of spraying your body or clothes.


Tip 3: Compare Prices


There are some pricey perfumes as well as cheap perfumes. You do not want to walk around wearing a cheap perfume, but you have limited finances. This means that you’ll have to shop around for a perfume that can offer you the best value for money. Therefore, you must strike a balance between pricing and quality.


After settling on a given perfume, you can always change your mind if you get negative reactions from the people around you. If the scent does not last as long as you expected, you can also change the perfume or order a higher concentration of the same perfume.


How to Wear Perfume

Many people usually spray perfume on their clothes while others usually spray their body. Who is right among these two consumer groups? Well, the best place to apply perfume is on the skin, ideally on pulse points. This can be on the neck, inside of the wrist and inner elbow joint. Generally, you can apply perfume on any part of the body where veins are visible on your skin.

While some people still rub perfume on the skin, this is not the right approach; never rub perfume onto the skin.


How to Store Perfume

The quality and composition of a perfume can change with changes in the environment. For instance, storing the perfume in the bathroom is not recommended as the high humidity and fluctuating temperatures can affect the quality of the perfume negatively. Ideally, perfumes should be stored in a cool, dry and dark place. This can be in your dresser or vanity drawer. You can also keep your perfume inside the box it came in. In addition to that, perfumes should be kept in airtight bottles because perfumes can evaporate fast at room temperature. Another important tip is never to shake your perfume. The quality of the spray does not improve when you spray the bottle. Perfumes are made by mixing different types of compounds, so shaking can break the crucial bonds and change the chemical composition of your expensive perfume. Lastly, always close the cap on your perfume bottle after use.